Kill or Cure’s sound is a unique and gripping take on modern metal, full of groove, aggression and melody. The self-titled debut album of crushing yet catchy metal anthems was released in 2014 to a plethora of great reviews. Expect technical excellence and musical flair with modern razor sharp hooks. After recruiting permanent drummer Matt, Kill or Cure are now breaking out of the studio and hitting the stage.

Band members:

Chris - vocals
Dan - guitars
Len - bass, violin
Matt - drums

Chris Brookes


Chris can sing, write, plays many instruments, and produces. They say those that can do, and those that can’t teach. Well Chris does that too. He’s the swiss army knife of the band.

Dan Hepner


Dan grew up playing 70s rock, 80s thrash, 90s grunge and modern metal - but it could all just be a phase he’s going through.

Elena de Jesus

Bass, keys, violin

Len was press-ganged into playing bass but started life as a classically trained violinist, sharing the stage with Robert Plant and Pavarotti – although never both at the same time.

Matt Harrison


Matt joined this summer with a wealth of live experience and study under his belt. He was quickly snapped up after nailing the complete debut album in his first audition.